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Affordable Weight Loss

The prescription appetite suppressants and the hCG and Vitamin B-12 injections are optional, so the cost of each visit is determined by what you decide to do. If you want appetite suppressants, the doctor will talk with you and decide which will work best for you. The cost of appetite suppressants ranges from $35-$45 for a month. If you decide to try hCG the cost depends on how many times you want to use each week. The dosage in each syringe is 50 IU's. The cost of your first office evaluation is $85, which includes your medical history, family history, a focused physical exam and development of a personalized treatment plan.
Asheville Weight Loss Dr.

$80 - Three injections per week (12 syringes)

$110 - Five injections per week (20 syringes)

$140 - Seven injections per week (28 syringes)

Weigh To Health Price List Prices

effective 10/1/2022

Office Visit

Initial: $85

Monthly follow-up $50

Re-start: $65

(if you have not had any visits for 3 or more months)

Missed Appointment: $35

(missed without 24 hr notice)

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HGC)

3 / week (12 inj.) $80

5 / week (20 inj.) $110

7 / week (28 inj.) $140

Appetite Suppressants

Phentermine 37.5 mg (#30) $35

Phentermine 37.5 mg (#45) $45

Phendimetrazine 35 mg (#60) $45

Vitamin B-12 $10

Replace Weigh to Health Booklet $10

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