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Are Your Favorite Foods Worsening Your Metabolism?

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

For many, metabolism is a key reason why weight loss is so difficult. When you are struggling with weight, managing your metabolism is essential. If you are having a difficult time, you are not alone. Many people trying to lose weight receive medical help to do so.

Are you concerned that your metabolism is slowing down, prompting you to gain weight? Are you experience a slow-down in your weight loss? Cutting out foods like these may benefit your diet plan.

Soda (Even Diet Options)

Soda is full of sugar, but even diet sodas with artificial sweeteners have their own problems. Studies suggest that your body may produce more insulin than is necessary to compensate for these super sweet alternatives to sugar. This may lead you to eat more than you would ordinarily.

You can remedy this issue by drinking more water or finding a healthier alternative for a time when those cravings strike. Plus, drinking more water will help you feel more full throughout the day and thus less likely to snack.

Frozen Dinners

If you eat a lot of frozen meals, you might want to take note. These foods are often packed with sodium and lack the fiber you need to get through the day. Many of these processed foods lack nutrients altogether. This means you might be eating plenty of calories but they could be empty, leading to weight gain.

If you must eat a frozen meal, consider adding a portion of fresh legumes or veggies for an added fiber boost. Supplement your meal with fresh ingredients.

White Bread & White Rice

These starches can have bad effects on your metabolism and your weight loss as a result. These foods lack whole grains that are good for your body. The process of refining these grains leaves little fiber, let alone other types of nutrition.

You can fix this diet issue by leaning more toward complex carbohydrates. Complex carbs include foods like whole wheat, oats, barley and squash. It takes more effort for your body to break down these carbohydrates, making your body more likely to lose weight.


Some people have problems digesting dairy but don't even realize it. Not only can dairy lead to bloating, but it can also encourage digestive issues that throw off your diet.

If you do like dairy, certain types of dairy are more effective for weight loss than others. For example, Greek yogurt tends to be more probiotic than regular yogurt you might find on store shelves.

You might also benefit from nut milks that have added calcium. You still need calcium for healthy bones, but you can find sources that will not cause inflammation and bloating. Calcium also helps your body metabolize fat efficiently.


Sweet candies and chocolates can be detrimental to your health because digesting sugary foods does not require your body to use as much energy as digesting other foods like proteins. Eating fewer refined foods is better for weight loss because it requires much more energy to digest, making weight loss more attainable.


Having a few alcoholic drinks a day can have a significant impact on your metabolism and weight, partially thanks to the types of sugars found in these beverages. Additionally, it can reduce how your body burns fat.

Weight to Health is in the business of ensuring that you stay happy and healthy in your own skin. When you need an extra boost losing weight and boosting metabolism, there are steps you can take. Changing your diet and getting professional help is the best way to see significant changes for the better. Contact us today to get started.


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