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B12 Injections

Losing weight can be difficult, even with a healthy diet and exercise. One of the aids Weigh to Health offers its patients is Vitamin B-12 injections.

There are many claims that Vitamin B-12 is linked to weight loss and that it boosts energy. Among other things, Vitamin B-12 does help the body convert fats and proteins into energy and aids in the breakdown of carbohydrates. It is true that a B-12 deficiency can lead to a number of ailments. Also, most B-12 sources are derived from animal-based sources so a deficiency is not uncommon among vegetarians and vegans; also, people who take the diabetes drug Metformin are at a higher risk for a B-12 deficiency. So, if you don’t eat meat, or you take Metformin, you may want to be tested for a B-12 deficiency.

However there is no proven relationship between B-12 and weight loss and its use for that purpose is a hotly debated topic. Common sense would seem to argue that unless you have a B-12 deficiency, taking more B-12 won’t help you. Because of that, Weigh to Health did not offer B-12 injections initially - but many of our patients told us that they had taken B-12 injections in the past and they believed it did give them more energy while they were losing weight. They wanted us to offer B-12 injections and since receiving additional B-12 can’t hurt you and may help, several years ago we decided to begin offering those shots as an option. A lot of our patients swear by them. Whether or not to take them is entirely up to you.

B12 Weight Loss
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